Pompes Japy, Unicef Business Friend. POMPES JAPY is supporting Unicef's "Schools for Africa" campaign by becoming a UNICEF business friend.


Pompes Japy UNICEF 2019

The "Unicef Business Friend" initiative is designed to unite businesses to help deliver a communal, concrete project: support for the "Schools for Africa" campaign conducted by Unicef in 6 countries in Southern Africa and East Africa.

Pompes Japy is proud to support Unicef's missions in Africa, by becoming a "Unicef Business Friend"

The aim of this international programme is to improve the quality of basic education provided in primary schools, by putting in place an "Integrated Services Package":


> Quality education, classroom renovations, provision of school equipment, teacher training

> A healthy, protective environment, healthcare services, water and sanitation infrastructures, children's protection services, and prevention/information activities about HIV/AIDS and everyday hygiene.


We are helping finance the international "Schools for Africa" campaign conducted by the Unicef in Mozambique, with the aim of improving education quality for 300,000 children. Thanks to Pompes Japy's support, a school is going to be completely renovated.

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Pompes Japy also supports the "Under the Pole" project.

Pompes Japy Under The Pole

At Pompes Japy, we pay special attention to certain kinds of human interest projects. We have already made our resources and our equipment available to Unicef, as part of the "Schools for Africa" campaign. Now, we are adding our support to another human and scientific adventure called "Under The Pole".

This is a polar undersea expedition to study where few people have been: under the North and South polar icecaps. This frosty adventure started in 2010 with a dive right under the North Pole. The second expedition is scheduled over 2014 and 2015, working to discover the marine world from the North-Western coasts of Greenland.

Finally, the last of the planned expeditions will leave in 2017, this time aiming for Antarctica. These missions aim to discover and better understand how the underwater polar biotope works and the challenges facing this little known but very important environment. Returning loaded down with mind blowing pictures loaded with emotion is also part of the plan, for everyone's shared enjoyment!