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Transfer project for fuel oil or diesel, dispenser/refuelling unit, Pompes Japy offers you concrete solutions for construction companies.

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Dispenser and refuelling units, diesel transfer pumps designed for the construction sector

We offer a wide range of fully equipped (meters/flow meters) pumping equipment, fixed, on-board and/or mobile, which are designed for companies in the construction and public works sector. You will find professional electric transfer pumps for diesel and fuel oil that can be used for transfers, refuelling, etc. we also offer site pumps that are capable of meeting all your pumping needs.

The products most likely to meet your needs in this sector are the PITSTOP diesel dispenser unit, 230 Volts refuelling units and even our bare electric transfer pumps.

You will find solutions suited to your projects: mobile diesel dispenser units to be installed directly on 4x4 vehicles or other suitable vehicles, and which are designed to be coupled with fixed or on-board reservoirs. We offer models that operate on 12 Volts or 24 Volts as well as 230 V dispenser units.

In order to facilitate the use of diesel dispenser units in your environment, they are equipped with all basic accessories: automatic hose-reel with a brush motor, automatic delivery gun, power cable with clamps and other accessories facilitating the day-to-day work of the teams in the construction sector.

Maximum dispensing flow rate, orifice, hose length, etc. and several other criteria can be examined based on your requirements with our team of experts, who are always ready to face new challenges.