Pompes Japy offers its professional-quality pumps for private individuals.

Discover all our industrial pumps to be used in projects of nuclear energy, pumping of hydrocarbons or urban heating.

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Professional pumps recognised by private individuals

A historical manufacturer of professional pumps established in the heart of the Franche-Comté region, Pompes Japy offers you an unrivalled savoir-faire through the supply of reliable and sturdy pumps and meters. Through their design by the design office, the pumps are particularly useful for domestic uses.

In addition to several domains of applications of our pumps (barrel pumping, well pumping, motor pumps or cellar-draining pumps in case of floods, etc.), the company owes its reputation to Frédéric Japy, who in 1850 created the semi-rotary manual pump. As a private individual, you may be familiar with the Japy hand pump, which is present in several gardens in rural areas and is the pride of the entire Pompes Japy team.

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