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Pompes Japy: Manufacturer of industrial pumps since 1850

As a manufacturer of industrial pumps since 1850, Pompes Japy endeavours to meet the expectations of industrialists by constantly developing its range of pumps, electro-pumps, motor pumps and measuring accessories such as calibratable meters and flow meters. A pioneer in the range of industrial ATEX pumps, it is currently made up of a team of experts in a design office that is ready to satisfy all the demands of operators of cutting-edge industry. The spectrum of use of our industrial pumps is not limited to the industrial pumps of laboratories and chemical or petrochemical factories. We offer numerous products for the agricultural industry and pumps for the food processing industry.

You will also find numerous industrial applications with pumping solutions that adapt to a broad spectrum:

  • pumps for the soap and detergent manufacturing industries,
  • oil and grease pumps for production lines,
  • pumps for inks and paints and pumps for the paper industry,
  • pumps for sugar and molasses,
  • etc.

An overview of the types of industrial pumps, meters and industrial equipment for which we provide our savoir-faire

Given below is an exhaustive list of products that we offer to our partners in the context of their industrial activity.

  • industrial vacuum pump,
  • industrial centrifugal pump,
  • industrial pump for turbid water,
  • industrial submersible pump,
  • industrial water pump,
  • industrial lift pump,
  • industrial submersible pump,
  • industrial diesel meter,
  • food-processing industry pump,

What are the different types of industrial pumps, meters and accessories used by our partners?

Pompes Japy participates in several industrial projects, particularly with the same of dispensing units for oil and solvents. The different types of industrial pumps and accessories used by industrialists is vast, and hence we will be mentioning here just a few domains of application and examples of application manufactured at the heart of our France-based factory.

Domains of application: world of research and education

Example of application: a successful collaboration with the students of the UTBM in the production of ATEX pumps

Supporting the economic fabric through the various sectors of activity represented in Pays de Montbéliard is also deeply rooted in the DNA of the Pompes Japy brand. Several projects have been executed in the context of partnerships with the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM), an engineering school renowned for its ability to train tomorrow’s young engineers in the domain of electrical engineering, mechanical design or production systems.

The new ATEX standards have been developed with the collaboration of the students. The fruit of this work was richly rewarded via the production of a range of ATEX pumps that enable transferring fluids in Explosive Atmospheres and that proudly bear a unique identity that can be recognised through its yellow colour code.

Domain of application: weapons and defence industry in civil and military domains and cutting-edge industry

The defence and weapons sector is one that needs advanced expertise that we cultivate day-by-day with our partners, by offering them customised solutions. Pompes Japy designs and manufactures transfer solutions used by armed forces across the globe. The historical use of our products is often transcribed in video documentaries and accounts, which are the pride of our team of experts.

Example of application: use of Japy well pumps or barrel-emptying pumps in the Maginot line

Certain Japy well pumps and barrel-emptying pumps were used in the weapons industry. This was the case at the Maginot line, the line of fortifications constructed by France along its borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy from 1928 to 1940, where numerous pumps were used in the manufacturing factories.

Domain of application: industrial pumps offered for transportation, railways, aviation and civil engineering

Example of application: historical use of a Japy pump that was used to refuel aircrafts during the Algeria war

Here is an extract from the tale of Michel Buaillon, aircraft pilot in Algeria - 1957-1959 who mentions the use of a Japy pump that was used in the aviation industry: “The Engineers had extended a dirt road to make a runway of three hundred metres, on the slope alongside the fort. I landed and directed the plane towards the 200-litre barrel and its Japy pump, which served the service station at the end of the runway”.

Domain of application: agri-food industrial pumps, for agriculture and other agricultural sectors

Example of application: drainage of the generator sets motors in a date processing line in Morocco

The kingdom of Morocco had purchased a transformer station and generator set for the date processing unit at the urban centre of Fam EL Hisn (فم الحصن), in the province of Tata. In the context of the civil engineering and use of the generator sets and more specifically in the oil circuits, it relies on a mobile trolley equipped with a 100-litre barrel and Japy pumps to top up the motors after draining.

Our savoir-faire also allows us to provide technical responses to global issues related to the agricultural industry. This notably includes pumps for agricultural irrigation, agricultural bore-hole pumps, agricultural geared hydraulic pumps and even agricultural milk pumps. Some of our products are dedicated to industrial use, such as our industrial rotary pump or our gear meter.