Professional pumps for sea water and fresh water for the maritime sector

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Numerous pumps, meters and accessories designed for companies working in the Maritime and Offshore platforms sector

Pompes Japy assists several operators in accomplishing projects that require the use of professional pumps in the Maritime sector. Given below are a few examples of the domains of application and uses of the products manufactured in our company based in Franche-Comté.

Domains of application: shipbuilding company, maritime company, company in the underwater & maritime and Offshore platforms sector.

Example of application: a semi-rotary manual pump, unique in the world and made of bronze, dedicated to the French Navy

Pompes Japy offers a large range of pumps for sea water designed for professionals in the maritime sector. Pompes Japy is also proud to have manufactured the only semi-rotary manual pump (BP2) in the world, made completely of bronze, designed for the French Navy.

Example of application: semi-rotary hand pumps or ancillary hand pumps used by the French Navy or on the Queen Mary

There are several models used by the French Navy, particularly the semi-rotary hand pump (NO2), the ancillary casing hand pump (backup). For example, Japy pumps are used on the Queen Mary 2 (“QM2”), the British transatlantic liner of Cunard Line, built in France in the Chantiers de l’Atlantique at Saint-Nazaire.

Other domains and examples of application of Pompes Japy marine pumps

We offer a wide range of products suited to the needs of each of our partners, with precious assistance provided for the maintenance of the pumps. In particular, we offer centrifugal pumps for pumping sea water, manual pumps for marine water and even electro-pumps for soft water and sea water. It is also possible to use some of our sea water washing pumps, designed for ships, during your works of maintenance and washing the deck.