Draining units, what are the advantages of a mobile filtration unit?

Drainage units, everything you need to know about mobile filtration units

In a production workshop, to ensure the longevity and proper operation of your machines, it is essential to control the level and quality of the oil or cutting fluids. Thus, motor oil must be regularly changed, filters replaced, certain parts lubricated, etc. For a quick oil change, it is ideal to use an extractor pump. Mobile filtration units enable draining, filling with clean oil and even more. A focus on a complete device that is essential for good engine maintenance.

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What is a mobile filtration unit?

This unit consists of a pump and one or more filters through which the fluids circulate to retain impurities. Mobile filtration units can be equipped with a retention tank. Mounted on a trolley, they can be transported everywhere and can easily reach the engine block.

They can be used to perform the suction drainage of machine engines and diesel or petrol engines. Engine oil serves to lubricate the parts of the engine block to limit friction and to guarantee cooling when the engine is running. This maintenance operation protects the engine from wear and even reduces fuel consumption.
Thanks to the mobile filtration unit, it is possible to precisely recover the used oil in the retention tank, thus reducing the risk of oil spills.
The pump is then used to fill the engine with new oil up to the mark. This is a precise operation that enables filling with the correct quantity of oil and prevents spills or overflow to other parts of the engine.

Mobile filtration units can also be used, depending on the filters and pumps chosen, to retain both coarse and fine particles, which means they can be used with any type of oil or liquid. For example, they enable diesel fuel to be pumped to remove the water it contains, as well as to drain tanks and cutting oil.

The advantages of this drainage unit


This is its main advantage. Its mobility makes it ideal in a workshop and enables it to be moved among workstations while keeping the full equipment available and ready for use.

>Various usages

We have seen that this unit can be used as a transfer pump for the total drainage of a machine, as a filling pump for new oil, and it can also be used for other types of drainage.

The advantages of JAPY pumps

Our filtration units are entirely adaptable to your use. The choice of the pump (electric pumps, pneumatic pumps, manual pumps, etc) depends on the nature of the fluids to pump but also on the energy available on your site.
In addition, we propose a wide range of spare parts and accessories: dosing guns, reels,etc.

Mobile filtration unit with double filter and retention tank

This single phase unit is a mobile drainage kit that provides double filtration. It is suitable for liquids with different viscosity: engine oil, lubricants, diesel fuel, water, etc. This type of tool incorporates a vane displacement pump. Its rotation speed is 1400 rpm. It reaches a power of 0.75 kW for a maximum flow rate of 25 L/min or 1.5 m3/h.
It is important to understand that the flow rate can vary depending on the clogging of the filters. That is why we recommend acquiring a couple of cartridges from the start in order to be able to change the filter in case of clogging.

Minimal constraints: the suction height must not exceed 5 metres and the temperature of the fluids and working area must not be above 60 °C. With a noise disturbance level of 70 dB, it is a relatively quiet device that is suitable for work areas.

Our filtration unit consists of:

  • A frame with a trolley fitted with a large-diameter wheels for easy transport.
  • A displacement pump with a built-in and adjustable bypass valve.
  • A pressure gauge that tells you when the filters are dirty.
  • 2 filters: the first filter cartridge has a filtering capacity of 30 μ for water and the second has a capacity of 5 μ for residue.
  • A retention tank.
  • 3 metres of flexible suction hose with a built-in foot valve. For discharge, a flexible 3-metre hose or a 50-centimetre rigid connection.