How to choose a Pompes Japy booster pump?

How to choose a booster pump or compression pump unit?

As experts in professional pumping solutions for individuals and industries, we offer a range of pressure boosting equipment and in particular domestic booster pumps for your residence. We can help you to understand the main characteristics that will guide you through choosing them, but always keep in mind that it is essential to rely on our experts to select the model that is best suited to your expectations in the context of a domestic use.

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What is a booster pump?

Also referred to as automatic pressurised water dispensers, the booster pump or compression pump unit mainly seeks to increase the water pressure of individual houses from a water source, whether this source is a well, a stream, a pool or any other source of water from a collection network. This source is equipped with a booster pump, a bladder tank (with membrane) coupled with a surface pump or an immersed pump to boost the inlet water pressure and to maintain constant pressure. In principle, the electro-pump generates pressure in the water tank, and hence the electric motor is automatically triggered via the pressure switch. Note that the activation and deactivation pressures are directly adjusted in our production factory, for booster pumps with small or large water tank volumes (24, 60 or 100 litres, etc.)

What are the benefits of a booster pump?

Similar to the way a buffer tank stores domestic hot water when needed in a heating circuit, the compression pump unit enables having a buffer reserve.

The booster system thereby considerably reduces the premature wearing of the pump by allowing it to trigger only when necessary. Effectively, the pump goes on standby once the bladder tank is full.

What characteristics must be taken into account when choosing a booster pump?

Just like we advise you on how to choose a drainage pump or how to choose a fuel-powered motor pump, some essential characteristics are to be examined when choosing a booster pump.

The robustness and service life of a booster pump depends on several factors that must be taken into account when designing your project for pressure boosting, domestic irrigation or other needs:

  • The power of your booster pump: e.g. 0.6 or 0.7 KW,
  • The pressure: 3, 4 bars or more
  • The discharge head: the height, in metres between the booster pump and its discharge point,
  • The max. flow rate: max. 2.5 m3/h for the JEJC2SP24 booster pump
  • The grain size of the water to be pumped: clear water (less than 5 mm), turbid water (between 5 mm and 20 mm), very turbid water (more than 20 mm). Take care to choose the right model suited to your use, whether it is for pumping well water, pumping from a water source or a river, etc.

Other criteria must also be examined, particularly the desired type of power supply (single-phase, three-phase, direct current), the length of the discharge hose or even the pump body, made of Stainless Steel, Zamak or even cast iron.

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