How to optimise a suction and discharge kit for a Japy pump?

Recommendations for the optimisation of a suction and discharge kit for a Japy pump

To optimise the operation of your self-priming hydraulic pump, it is essential to carefully choose the suction and discharge kit: they consist of piping and certain additional accessories. These kits, adjusted to your needs, enable the surface pump to function properly and to optimise performance.

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Presentation of the suction kit and the discharge kit

Suction and discharge kits are necessary for the installation of your pump. Suction kits suck in the fluid to be pumped. They are chosen according to several criteria:

  • Suction height. The maximum height for a surface pump is 5 to 7 m. Over this height, it is necessary to choose a submersible pump.
  • The pressure.
  • The flow.
  • The characteristics of the fluid: its density and viscosity as well as its chemical compatibility.

Discharge kits, on the other hand, are used to connect the pump to the evacuation area. They thus help the fluid to be pumped simply and with total security.
The size is chosen according to the use and the type of transfer required. It is essential to properly understand all the installation criteria to adjust the length of the discharge pipe, as well as its diameter.

In general, the diameter of a suction hose in an installation is always larger than that of the discharge hose.

What are the advantages of these systems and how do you choose among them?

These kits optimise the performance of your hydraulic pump and also facilitate its installation.

Suction kits are chosen according to the place where the fluid is pumped in but also the type of pump and the flow rate. For example, the kit is not the same if the fluid is drawn from a tank or a well.

To choose the right kit, it is essential to correctly size the diameter of the suction hose as well as its length, according to the suction height, flow and pressure.
You should also take into consideration the nature of the fluid and its thickness. All these indications will enable you to find the right diameter for the suction hose to facilitate pumping in the fluid. This point is particularly important. Indeed, if you use a diameter that is too large or, on the contrary, too small, this may affect proper operation and starting the pump.

The standard for Japy pumps at suction is 1" with a diameter 32 hose. Similarly, for the discharge kit, the diameter of the pump hose should be perfectly adapted to the height as well as the distanced measured between the pump and the evacuation area. Proper sizing limits the loss of load.

How do you optimise the performance of these kits?

To improve their performance, we recommend installing a strainer or a filter at the suction head in order to retain all impurities before suction. This connection is very useful with a water pump or a garden pump, to pump liquids from a wastewater tank to water a garden.

This filtration system is accompanied by a check valve, which enables the control of fluid circulation in a single direction. It thus avoids loss of prime and fluid backflow.

In addition, you should know that for certain types of pumps, like centrifugal pumps, the suction line and the pump body must be systematically pre-filled with fluid for the pump to operate. To obtain good performance, there should be no air intake on suction. In this case, the installation of a check valve with a stainless steel or polypropylene grid is essential to enable the water level in the hose to remain constant.

At the discharge outlet, certain connections can be added to better control the flow and protect the pump:

  • A valve or by-pass system. A by-pass is a secondary circuit that creates an operating loop. It has the advantage of preserving the pump but also modulates the flow and facilitates draining.
  • The installation of an automatic delivery gun or a solenoid valve also secures pump use.

Therefore, properly choosing your discharge and suction kits is essential to optimise the performance of your pump. Depending on your installation, we recommend you carefully choose the right diameter and correct length of the suction and discharge hoses. Finally, these complete kits provide you with additional connectors to improve the performance of your hydraulic pump and to protect it.