A Japy food-grade pump for your activity in the food processing industry

Are you looking for a pump for the agri-food industry or a pump for transferring liquid foods? Pompes Japy offers you a wide choice of food-grade pumps that can meet your needs.

The expertise of Pompes Japy lies in its capacity to profit from its two-hundred years of experience and its research and development team, to respond to the day-to-day issues of pumping in the agri-food industry, anywhere across the globe.

Whether it is a stainless steel, brass, bronze or even Zamak food-grade pump, our site will showcase our product catalogue to help you choose the right pump for your needs.

Although it is impossible to list all the types of food-grade pumps in the market, you can rest assured that by simply calling us or contacting us via the contact form to explain your issues, we can provide you with a clearer idea of our intervention scope in this sector.

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What is a food-grade pump?

In general, a food-grade pump is used to transfer liquids in the agri-food industry. Given the unstable nature of the transferred products, one has to use a specific pump that complies with all the quality and safety standards to best preserve the integrity of the liquids.

Food-grade pumps can especially be used to transfer liquids such as milk, honey, drinking water, vinegar, etc. Furthermore, there are wine pumps that are specially designed to transfer this fragile product.

Several major industries in the agri-food sector require food-grade pumps, as well as some companies in the catering industry and even laboratories. The flow-rate requirement and our expertise on the topic will help you make the right choice from among the various pump models suited to your needs.

What are the different types of food-grade pumps?

Although it is difficult to list all the food-grade pumps that can meet your needs, we will nevertheless provide you with the types of pumps that are the most in demand with our partners.

  • vacuum pumps,
  • liquid-ring pumps,
  • side-channel pumps,
  • dry vane pumps,
  • lubricated pumps,
  • centrifugal pumps,
  • food-grade vane pumps,
  • food-grade vacuum vane pumps,
  • food-grade stainless steel centrifugal pumps,

All technical details of pumps for the agri-food industry can be found on the pages of each product data sheet, which notably contain the performance curves of each of them, the technologies and examples of use.

The typical applications of food-grade pumps

Vacuum pumps are frequently used by the agri-food industry as part of complex processes such as the packing and packaging of foodstuffs. Food-grade motor pumps can also be used for more specific functions such as gutting, which requires creating a vacuum by sucking up all matter through a pipe. For instance in this specific case, a lubricated-vane vacuum pump is used

The wine pump: ideal for transferring products

We also offer numerous food-grade pumps for wine, also called “wine pumps” by specialists in the oenology or viticultural sectors. Feel free to consult our page dedicated to wine pumps for more information on this topic.

Food-grade pumps for honey

Based on your sector of activity or as an apicultural specialist, you may have to use a food-grade honey pump to transfer honey.

The most widespread use of a honey pump is in the process of transferring the honey from a tray where it was prepared to a barrel. The other most widespread pump in this domain is the honey metering pump. This suction pump is used in the bottling of honey by sucking up honey from a barrel or from a honey ripener.

Food-grade pumps for the sugar and starch industries

The production of sugar relies on several applications of pumps for transferring liquids as well as for moving the molasses. For molasses, usually stored in tanks, Pompes Japy offers a range of force pumps that are capable of pushing viscous fluids similarly to a lobular pump.

In the sugar industry, the evaporation of sugar syrup during the vacuum production of sugar requires a specific food-grade pump. Vacuum cooking requires precise control over the cooking temperature: food-grade pumps enable vacuum evaporation. The technique of preservation by vacuum dehydration also requires this process.

The Japy food-grade transfer pumps and pneumatic membrane pumps are also often used in the production of sugar. In the process of manufacturing sugar, which starts by washing the beetroots, followed by the extraction and then the crystallisation, Japy food-grade pumps are a great aid.

Food-grade pumps for several other applications

Our food-grade pumps and food-grade liquid pumps can be adapted for various requirements and cover a broad spectrum of agri-food industries.

Pump for industrial dairy farms

Dairy farms and cheese dairies use pumps for milk tanks, or dairy vacuum pumps, in their activities. More generally, fast food industries also have to use these products.

Please contact our experts to choose the right milk pump for your needs. With these dairy pumps, you will be able to transfer yoghurt with or without fruit, fromage blanc / processed cheese, pastry cream, etc.

Pumps for the ready-meal industry

We have several pumps for ready-meals and convenience foods. Our ranges of pneumatic pumps, eccentric screw pumps, etc. are ideal for transferring liquid foods such as ketchup, tomato purée, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, baby food, etc.

Industrial chocolate pumps and confectionery pumps

Our range of industrial chocolate pumps is perfectly suited for chocolate and confectionery factories. They can be used with liquid chocolate, chocolate spread or even for cream-filled biscuits. Among these are chocolate suction pumps, dosing pumps and even chocolate coating pumps.

Transfer pumps for pastry-making

Our pneumatic or electronic transfer pumps for pastry-making are often used to fill hoppers, trays or other containers used for storing liquid, pasty and creamy products or egg-based, butter-based and margarine-based products. This category also contains industrial paste pumps or dosing pumps for refrigerated paste.

Industrial pumps for meat, fish and foodstuffs

Our food-grade pumps for meats or pumps for liquid foods are perfectly suited for the meat processing industry, for ground meat, sausage meat, and for collecting blood, offal, etc.