What are the colour codes used by Pompes Japy to recognise its pumps?

A colour code for recognising the use of Japy pumps

To make things easier, Pompes Japy has defined a colour code for rapidly identifying and qualifying the use of its pumps. You will therefore find the following two colour codes: red and yellow.

Red is for the emergency priming or safety pumps

Whether you are a mechanic, engineer in a design office or even if you simply use our products in a personal context, if you note the colour red on the body of your pump, it means that the pump is an emergency priming pump or a safety pump.

Yellow for ATEX pumps

If you distinctly observe the colour yellow on the body of a Japy pump, it means that this pump complies with the ATEX standards, notably enabling the transfer of fluids in Explosive Atmospheres. It is therefore easier for workers to recognise a Japy pump when it is used in areas that are at risk of explosions.

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