A Japy wine pump for your wine-making or viticultural activity

A Japy wine pump for your wine-making or viticultural activity

Thanks to our experience spanning over two-hundred years and with the growing demand for wine pumps and harvest pumps for various operators in wine-making, viticulture and viniculture, we have adapted and diversified our offer with a high-performance and high-precision range for professionals.

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Japy wine pump: numerous models for the wine industry

Aside from the wine pump that is omnipresent in most vineyards and is well established in the collective consciousness for its performance and longevity, we have been able to adapt and diversify our offer for the wine industry. We offer more precise, more wine-friendly and more liquid food-friendly pumping and filtration equipment and accessories.

We have several partners and wine-growers who wish to purchase products to facilitate the day-to-day transfer of wine or the harvests, without damaging the fruits of their harvest. Pompes Japy offers a range of products (pumps or pumping units) that can cover a broad spectrum of use in this sector: stainless steel piston pump, eccentric rotor pump, centrifugal pump, side-channel pump, flexible impeller pump, etc. The choice is vast.

Choosing a wine pump can be complicated because during the transfer, the wine can be exposed to several mechanical actions: movement of moving parts in contact with the wine, friction forces on the walls of the pumps, for instance. These mechanical actions create turbulence or shearing and may agitate the liquid.

To help you in choosing the right pump for your wine, we invite you to turn to our experts in the design office, who can offer you their guidance.

Examples of applications and types of wine pumps offered by Pompes Japy

In the context of the wine industry, there are various pump technologies: harvesting pump, piston pump, centrifugal pump, etc. There are even pumps for storing wine, in particular by sucking the air from one or more bottles, allowing you to preserve your wine bottles for as long as possible. We mainly respond to needs for the following types of pumps:

  • Centrifugal wine pumps: they function on the principle of rotating the wine by having it circulate in a rotating wheel at high speeds.
  • Reciprocating positive-displacement wine pumps: here, the wine is moved to a fixed volume from suction till discharge.
  • Rotary positive-displacement wine pumps: the wine gravitates around a rotating shaft in the pump body to create the movement from suction till discharge.
  • Liquid-ring vacuum wine pumps: this type of pump, which have self-suction and are reversible, can operate the transfer of wine smoothly.

Given below are a few pump names that correspond to your uses if you are a professional in the wine industry.

  • harvesting pump,
  • piston wine pump,
  • liquid-ring wine pump,
  • helical rotor wine pump,
  • eccentric rotor wine pump,
  • membrane wine pump,
  • centrifugal wine pump,
  • stainless steel wine pump,
  • winery pump,
  • oenology pump,

The liquid-ring wine pump, a vacuum pump that meets your needs

For transferring, pouring or drawing wine (white, red, Crémant and other varieties), Pompes Japy offers you a vacuum pump that is actually an reversible self-suction electro-pump. This stainless steel electric liquid-ring pump was designed for high flow rates without altering the wine during the harvest. Creating a vacuum and significantly limiting the oxidation of wine are the major qualities of this pump.

Regarding its characteristics, this pump can work in temperatures of up to 130°C. There is a 230 Volts model or a 400 Volts three-phase motor model, ideal if your agricultural hangar or wine cellar is equipped with three-phase current.

You can also use our vacuum pumps to limit the presence of oxygen during the bottling process.

A range of positive-displacement wine pumps tailored to your needs

As part of your viticultural activity, you may probably have to use dynamic rotor pumps, also called positive-displacement pumps.

As we have mentioned, there are several types of positive-displacement pumps and we recommend that you book an appointment over the phone with our experts to find a technical solution that suits your needs.

To cite just a few types of pumps, our catalogue and our expertise covers centrifugal pumps, vane pumps and eccentric rotor pumps. Here are a few examples of some of our products:

An eccentric helical rotor wine pump

We offer an eccentric helical rotor wine pump made of bronze or stainless steel, which is part of the range of helical screw pumps or eccentric screw electro-pumps. It is perfectly suited to low or high rotation speeds, which facilitate the transfer of wine without shearing.

A vane pump, also called a vane wine pump

The positive-displacement rotary vane pump or the vane wine pump is designed for fluid and highly viscous products, and therefore ideally corresponds to winemaking. It also has a reduced energy consumption, which is ideal for continuous operation. Different pump bodies are available, based on your needs.

Piston wine pump or pneumatic membrane wine pump

Manual, pneumatic or electric, we offer a varied range of piston pumps for wine. They come with excellent suction or discharge performances and have the advantage of limiting the agitation of wines. Depending on your needs, you may also use our membrane wine pumps for the operations of cleaning and disinfecting your wine cellars.