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Nov 18, 2019

A redesigned interface to make your life easier

With this new site, we wish to simplify the search process by offering you a simple and intuitive interface. Whether you are looking for specific information such as the reference of a pump or a pumping unit, or whether you are simply viewing all products, now all you need is one click to access your desired information. Optimised for mobile browsing, you can now view our site on any interface without any loss in quality.

Thanks to a redesigned browsing, all our categories are listed by pump group and features on the home page itself. With the new website interface, you will find it easier to quickly find the pump that you need. Via the drop-down menu, you can select the pump category that you need, such as electric or submersible pumps. All the corresponding products are displayed immediately, with clear visuals and the associated characteristics.

Clear and accessible information

Being present in several sectors such as industry or construction, Pompes Japy addresses an entire panel of professionals and private individuals with a range of products suited to each one’s needs. Whether it is a pump designed for sea water, or designed for pumping oils or solvents, it will be easy for you to browse through the different product ranges and view all associated information. The pump presentation sheets will also allow you to download the product brochures, for more detailed technical characteristics.

The rich content and the meticulous format of our new website will become a precious tool in choosing your products. You can also find our price catalogue in just one click. Do you have any doubts on a pump feature? In just a few seconds, you can place a request for contacting our customer service, and can get in-depth information and advice from experts.

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing our new website. Pompes Japy wishes you a happy visit!