Pneumatic membrane pump, Stainless steel body

Applications: Compatible with a vast range of chemicals, inks and varnishes. Recommended for use with halogenated solvents

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Pneumatic membrane pump, Stainless steel body


Atex Pump marking: Ex II2 GD IIB/IIC 95°C.

Construction materials

  • Body: Stainless steel
  • Membranes: PTFE

Specifications and advantages:

  • Suitable for the transfer of aggressive and/or viscous liquids.
  • Metal pumps are significantly resistant to solvents, hydrocarbons, etc.
  • Dry self-priming. The priming height varies depending on whether the pump is dry or wet.
  • Adjustable flow rate by adjusting the pressure and flow rate of the air (see the accessories).
  • In case of dry running, the pump continues to run without overheating or wear.
  • If the delivery of liquid is stopped, the pump stops automatically without getting damaged.


More Information
Fluid Ink, Halogenated solvents, Varnish
Technology Membrane
Pump marking Ex II2 GD IIB/IIC 95°C
Pump Bare
Max flow rate 100l/min
Orifice 1’’
Materials Stainless steel
Balls PTFE
Sockets Stainless steel
Max. viscosity 5000 cPo
Pressure 7 bars
Dry membrane 4,5 m
Wet membrane 7 m
Air consumption from 3 to 30 Nm3/h
Membrane PTFE
Particles 4 mm