Flexible impeller pumps with stainless steel body

Applications: Diesel, oil, wine, liquid foods, chemicals and cosmetics

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Flexible impeller pumps with stainless steel body


Technical data:

  • Reversible pumps (2-way)
  • Industrial: diesel, oils, etc.
  • Wine-making: wine, must, etc.
  • Food processing: beer, sugar, fruit pulp, liquid sugar, syrup, glucose, milk, butter, yoghurt, liquid eggs, oil, tomato sauce, brine, etc.
  • Chemicals: starch, glue, water-based adhesives, emulsions, glycerine, wax, detergents, varnishes, inks, industrial waste, etc.
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: liquid soaps, detergents, shampoos, creams, etc.
  • Orifices: 3/4’’ M
  • Particle size: 3 millimetres
  • Maximum suction lift: 6 metres
  • Power: 0.3 (JEP34C1‐1400‐NBR, JEP34C2‐1400‐NBR), 0.37 (JEP34‐900‐NBR), 0.56 (JEP34‐1400‐NBR)
  • Voltage: 12 V dc (JEP34C1‐1400‐NBR), 24 V dc (JEP34C2‐1400‐NBR), 230 Volts single-phase (JEP34‐900‐NBR, JEP34‐1400‐NBR)
  • Current: 30 A (JEP34C1‐1400‐NBR), 16 A (JEP34C2‐1400‐NBR), 3.7 A (JEP34‐900‐NBR), 3.8 A (JEP34‐1400‐NBR)
  • Rotation speed: 1400 rpm, 900 rpm (JEP34‐900‐NBR)
  • Max. TDH: 32 metres, 24 metres (JEP34‐900‐NBR)
  • Max. viscosity: 500 cPo, 1500 cPo (JEP34‐900‐NBR)

Specifications and advantages:

    Flexible impeller pump with stainless steel body


More Information
Fluid Water with low solids contect, Fluids with particulates, Diesel, Oil
Technology DC, Flexible impeller
Pump Bare
Max flow rate 1 m3/h - 1,62 m3/h
Materials Stainless steel
Mechanism NBR impeller