Pneumatic grease pump

Applications: Pompe pneumatique à pression élevée et à double effet. Utilisation en agriculture, dans les ateliers de maintenance et les industries légères.

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Pneumatic grease pump


Equipped pneumatic oil pumps with pressure ratio of 55 :1, including:

  • Pneumatic oil pump with pressure ratio of 55 :1, with pipe
  • 4-metre hose
  • Delivery gun with flexible nozzle and anti-drip nipple or gun
  • Digital delivery meter with flexible nozzle and anti-drip nipple


More Information
Fluid Grease
Technology Barrel-emptying, Piston
Pump Equipped
Pump sets kits or transferring units
Max flow rate 540 gr/min
Orifice 1/4"
Max. viscosity Greases up to grade NLGI-2
Pressure 385 bar, maximum air pressure 10 bar
Air consumption 165 NL/min
Particles 0

Available options

  • Other pressures and flows on request

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