The “Entreprise Amie de l’Unicef” initiative was created to unite companies around a common and concrete project: supporting the “Schools for Africa” campaign of the UNICEF in 6 countries of Southern and East Africa. Pompes Japy is proud to support the work of the UNICEF in Africa, by becoming an “Entreprise Amie de l’Unicef”

The goal of this international programme is to improve the quality of basic education given in primary schools, by setting up a “Pack of Integrated Services”:

  • Quality education, renovation of classrooms, supply of school equipment, training of teachers
  • A healthy and protective environment, healthcare services, water and sanitation infrastructure, child protective services, prevention/information activities on HIV/AIDS and on daily hygiene.

The financing of the international campaign “Schools for Africa” organised by the UNICEF in Mozambique aims to improve the quality of education for 300,000 children. Thanks to the support of Pompes Japy, one school will be completely renovated.

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