Electric pumps for AdBlue

Applications: Adblue

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Electric pumps for AdBlue


Technical data

  • Designed for transferring AdBlue or water
  • Working cycle: 20 min
  • Plate: stainless steel support
  • Gun holder
  • Suction kit: 1.5 metres of hose with quick connector for AdBlue IBC
  • Discharge kit: 6 metres of hose with a manual delivery gun (automatic as an option)
  • Meter and filter: optional
  • Pipe: rigid suction pipe with optional quick connector (ref. 5606)
  • Rotation speed: 2800 rpm (F-JEV112-ADBLUE, F-JEV124-ADBLUE), 1450 rpm (F-JEV100-ADBLUE)
  • Power: 0.26 (F-JEV112-ADBLUE), 0.31 (F-JEV124-ADBLUE), 0.4 (F-JEV100-ADBLUE)
  • Voltage: 12 (F-JEV112-ADBLUE), 24 (F-JEV124-ADBLUE), 230 Volts single-phase (F-JEV100-ADBLUE)
  • Current: 22 (F-JEV112-ADBLUE), 13 (F-JEV124-ADBLUE), 2 (F-JEV100-ADBLUE)
  • Max. TDH: 15 metres

Specifications and advantages:

  • Electric pump for AdBlue


More Information
Fluid Adblue, Water with low solids contect
Technology Membrane
Pump Equipped
Pump sets kits or transferring units
Max flow rate 2 m3/h
Orifice 3/4’’ + Ø 20
Materials Stainless steel
Suction 1.5 metres of pipe with quick connect fitting for AdBlue IBC

Available options

  • Turbine meter K24-ADBLUE (code: - K24)

  • Automatic gun instead of manual gun (code: - A)