MO-B-44C1, MO-B-44C2, MO-B-44, MO-B-45

Offset rotor pumps with bronze pump body

Applications: Water, sea water, diesel, oil

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Offset rotor pumps with bronze pump body


Technical data:

  • Pump body: bronze
  • Motor: 0.55 kW, 1400 rpm
  • Max. viscosity: 500 cPo
  • Suction capacity: 3 metres
  • Orifice Ø: 1’’
  • Motor: 0.37 to 1.5 kW (DS20.1 range), 0.75 to 1.5 kW
  • Max. pressure: 3.5 bars
  • Hard particles: 3.2 millimetres
  • Soft particles: 6.4 millimetres

Specifications and advantages:

Helical screw electric pumps with bronze bodies, mostly used in the maritime industry for transfers on ships: waste tankers, waste water discharges from toilets, heavy liquids with suspended solid particles, viscous and oily liquids such as lubricant oils, waste oils, fuel oil, diesel, etc.


More Information
Fluid Water with low solids contect, Seawater, Fluids with particulates, Diesel, Oil
Technology DC, Eccentric rotor
Pump Bare
Max flow rate 2,8 m3/h
Orifice 1’’
Materials Bronze
Mechanism NBR