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The company Pompes Japy was born out of an invention by Frédéric Japy who in 1850 devised a manual semi-rotary pump, famous the world over for the transfer of gasoline, oil, fuel oil, solvents etc.

Evolution and modernity
Since 1981, Pompes Japy has broadened its activity, offering its customers low and medium voltage electric pumps and pneumatic pumps for water and hydrocarbons to meet the requirement for high-performance technical solutions to the various problems relating to the transfer of liquids.

Every day we want to offer you pumping solutions adapted to your needs, at the best prices and fastest delivery times, giving you our guarantee of optimal service.
Today the company POMPES JAPY is present in many sectors  
> Maritime: seawater pumps
> Industry: oil / solvent delivery stations
> Energy: emergency and priming station
> Public works: fuel oil delivery station
> Chemical industry: transfer of chemicals

pompe japy

Pompes Japy, a Living Heritage Company
Pompes Japy is proud of its Living Heritage Company certification. The LHC certification is awarded by the Ministery of the Economy, Finance and Industry, created to reward French companies with outstanding artisanal and industrial expertise.

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pompe japy SCOP

Pompes Japy, a cooperative and participative company

This acronym stands for a Cooperative and Participative company. This is a company that is highly democratic in the way it works. This is the only kind of company where staff members are also partners. Consequently, they own at least 51% of the company's capital.

The participative and democratic aspect is a predominant one in this kind of company: This is because the staff members share 65% of the votes at board meetings. Profits are also distributed equitably between partners. This is a company format specially suited to headcounts of no more than 20 people.

At Pompes Japy, we operate this model of cooperative company. Our staff shares our history, our expertise and our traditions so the way we work offers a fair reward.

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